Petromaks is owner of port facilities in the Paljassaare harbour (Tallinn) and offers quays for safe mooring and staying for vessels. The quays are located in the industrial zone within Tallinn boundaries.


Operational characteristics:

  • 600 m – quays length
  • 8,7 m – max. depth
  • 27 000 m2 – open storage
  • 300 m2 – office facilities
  • 400 m2 – workshops
  • port facility is certified according to ISPS Code
  • the most quiet sea harbour in Estonia

Vessels can carry out:

  • Retrofitting
  • Maintenance operations
  • Repair works

The following operations can be carried out with the vessels:

  • Repairs without docking
  • Conversion
  • Retrofitting/re-construction
  • Modification
  • Mobilization/demobilization of vessels
  • Tests and trials
  • Fumigation in- and outside
  • Cleaning and washing of vessel’s interiors
  • Interior works (retrofitting, re-construction)
  • Staying of vessels

The quays are equipped with the facilities of fresh water and electricity supply. There is access by railway branch-lines and roads, gantry cranes with payload capacity of 10 up to 32 mtons and storage area paved with concrete and asphalt of 27,000 sq m.


Characteristics of quays:

No. of quay Length Declared depths Coordinates
31 100 m 3,4-5,4 м φ = 59º27’30” N

λ = 24º42’44” E

Google Maps

32 256 m 6,4-6,5 м
33 186 m 8,7 м
34 100 m 5,9-6,7 м

2014-2015 there was carried out the inspection of condition of quays, prepared a project and were carried out necessary repairs of all quays.

Petromaks port facility is certified and operates in accordance with the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS Code).

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