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Petromaks Spediitori AS – international forwarder

For an ordinary man, who does not bear any direct relation to the transportation of goods, the definition “forwarding” may appear absolutely unfamiliar, but those who directly come into contact with this activity, know the meaning of this definition very exactly. Simply speaking it is all about transportation of goods. As regards our company – Petromaks Spediitori AS – thus, to our services apply those who need international transportation of goods.

What for you should buy our forwarding services?

If you want to deliver your goods from one country to another, but you do not have the necessary transport for its conveyance and you find a certain difficulty in how to carry out this transport operation most effectively – you should without fail apply to the company Petromaks Spediitori AS.

We are able to organize not only the delivery of your goods to destination, but to make your outlays mostly expedient and acceptable for you. In short, our forwarding services – these are acceptance of your goods, its warehousing, if necessary, reloading, customs clearance while crossing the border.

The speed of movement of your goods, its delivery to the receiver in due time – are of not less importance than the financial aspect. At last the goods have to arrive to destination safe and sound.

While offering you our forwarding services we solve this entire transport complex proceeding from the most advantageous for you correlation “cost – efficiency – safety”. We will be in continual contact with you for optimization the entire process of conveyance of your goods.

What mean of transport should be preferable?

In international transportation our company makes use most often of following means of transport: road, railway and sea. The choice of transport depends on several factors – type of your goods, quantity of goods, distance, character and condition of logistic infrastructure in points of departure and destination.