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Petromaks provides a wide range of competitive and reliable professional transportation services. Since the company was founded in 1996, a unique experience has been gained in the provision of port services, ship agency services, freight forwarding, transportation of goods by various types of transport. The evidence of challenging, non-typical transport solution is the successfully arranged by Petromaks the unique shipment of primary aluminium to Rotterdam by the Northern Sea route (down the Yenisei River with transhipment in Igarka port).

In 1998 Petromaks expanded its activity and became the operator of the stevedoring company on the Paljassaare Harbour of the Port of Tallinn. In 2008 it became the private owner of the cargo berths. The experience, skills and resources of Petromaks create additional opportunities for satisfaction of the wide range of transportation and logistical requirements of Clients. Petromaks keeps on delivering simplicity out of complex elaborations and is always ready to transform all ideas of Clients into effective solutions.
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