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Petromaks owns port facilities at the Port of Paljassaare, Tallinn, and offers berths for safe mooring and berthing. Berths are located in the industrial zone within the city limits of Tallinn.


Parameters of infrastructure

  • 600 m of mooring line
  • 8.7 m – max. depth at berth
  • 27 000 m2 of open storage area
  • port facilities are certified in accordance with the ISPS Code
  • the smoothest bay in Estonia

Vessels can perform

  • Conversions and overhauls
  • Maintenance operations
  • Repairs

The following operations can be performed on vessels

  • Repairs without docking
  • Conversion
  • Alteration / refitting
  • Modification
  • Mobilization / demobilization of vessels
  • Tests and experiments
  • Internal and external fumigation
  • Cleaning and washing of the vessel interiors
  • Shipboard-type works (re-equipment, remodelling)
  • Ship moorings


The berths are equipped with onshore fresh water and power supply connections. There are access rail tracks and motor roads, portal cranes with lifting capacity from 10 to 32 tons, as well as open storage area of 27 000 m2.



Specification of berths:

Berth # Length Declared depth Coordinates
31 100 m 3,4-5,4 m φ = 59º27’30” N
λ = 24º42’44” EGoogle Maps
32 256 m 6,4-6,5 m
33 186 m 8,7 m
34 100 m 5,9-6,7 m

In 2014-2015 the berths were inspected, a site-specific project was prepared and necessary repairs were made to all berths.

Petromaks port facilities are certified and operate in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) Code.

Petromaks is licensed to provide ship agency services to foreign vessels of all types in all ports of Estonia.